Tin Roof by Chef Simeon (Top Chef Finalist) - Maui Hawaii

Website: http://www.tinroofmaui.com/
Address:  360 Papa Place, Kahului, HI, 96732
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star
  • July 3, 2017
    • A mom and pop eatery in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii!
    • This was recommended by my friend 'cuz she saw Top Chef Sheldon Simeon in 2 Seasons of Top chef and he has kinda like a pop-up restaurant in Maui Hawaii.
    • The place was really small and not much space to eat so you might just want to order (via square) or walk in and buy.  The wait wasn't that long which is good. 
    • Note, it is only open during lunch 10am-2pm Mondays to Saturdays
    • The dish seems to be Hawaiian or Filipino with a twist and is quite cheap for all menus being under $10 dollars.

Chef Sheldon Simeon
Top Chef Season 10 (2012) and Season 14 (2016) Top Finalist and won Fan Favorite award for both seasons
Credits: Photo by BravoTv.com

"he was named in Hawaii Magazine's Top 5 Best Hawaiian Chefs of 2014 and voted FOOD & WINE Magazine's 2014 People's Best New Chef for the Pacific & Northwest." BravoTv.com

The Food

Mochiko Chicken($8)
Chicken thighs marinated overnight in ginger sake shoyu, covered in a sweet mochiko batter, then fried twice, topped with housemade su-miso sauce & gochujang aioli, & mochi crunch dime bag mix.

This apparently is their signature dish and actually quite good.  Love that the chicken skin was a bit crispy.  The thing though again, it's prolly just Hawaiian, but the aioli sauce is really overpowering as well as the Furikake. I would prolly would prefer to put it as a dip or side next time.

Pork Belly ($9)
Roasted then deep fried pork belly, topped off with tomato onion lomi, patis vinaigrette, served with 1/2 a 6 minute egg, daily banchan, over rice

This is really just Filipino Pork Liempo (crispy skin) and goes well with the Filipino  liver sauce.

Chop Steak ($8)
Chopped flat iron steak wok fried with garlic & scallion bottoms & topped off with ginger scallion pesto, served over rice & with a side of our daily banchan.
It was beef chopped and was quite chewy so it was good, though nothing amazing on this one!

If you want some stuff on your rice!

This was actually Mang Tomas (i though he made it himself) apparently not.
Mang Tomas is a Filipino pork liver sauce that goes well with Pork Belly!

The Menu

The Restaurant

There was a bit of a line waiting for their food but basically they were served pretty fast


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