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Singapore: the Lion City

For those planning to visit Singapore, these are my recommendations if you have 3 - 5 days in Singapore Basic Information You do not really to take a cab, as public transportation is very convenient Bus stops have lists of destinations  But I suggest, just take the MRT as it's the easiest way and you won't get lost From the Airport? Take a cab to the city which will cost around 20+ SGD (Singapore Dollars) OR just take an MRT and will just cost you like around 2.50 SGD :) What to bring? It really is hot! So bring "Summer" clothes and comfortable shoes (or flip flops). A lot of Sun-Screen! Umbrella - around Jan and Feb, it can rain a lot so bring one. Singapore has micro-climates as well so might suddenly rain in one area. Going Out of Singapore  You can take budget flights to Malaysia, Thailand, or other SEA countries I recommend though to take a 3-day trip to Malaysia as follows: Genting (Casino) and Kuala Lumpur (Capital of Malaysia) - 3