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California's Great America @ Santa Clara

Website: h ttps:// Address:  4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054 It is not like Disney but the lines are NOT as bad.  It's still huge with lots of roller coaster rides and water parks for both kids and adults. Tip: If you are going to go there at least 2x in a year, it might be worth taking a season pass. which costs around 60-100$ depending if it is a regular or gold season pass.  Daily admission is around $40.  Check out COSTCO as they have discounts for season pass.  The waterpark Exterme Flyer - there is extra fee to this but this is soo worth it! Face / Body Paint Fried Oreos! Funnel Cake! Dippin Dots June 29 You can also book the entire park. E.g. June 29, 2016 YT and Ads booked the entire park the whole day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Anaheim Packing House

Website: Address:   440 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805 One of the "in" place nowadays in LA.  This place is a food hall and reminds me of the food markets in Barcelona and Madrid but more the 'upscale' type.  It can't be compared to the ones of course in Spain (as nothing compares to that), but this place has good options for food and they have live music every now and then. It is also very pretty.  (Again, don't compare them to the Spanish Mercados, it's a lot smaller and less options). Check out their site for the schedule and list of restaurants. CAFECITO They served good Iced Latte :) George's Grilled Tilapia  This was reallly good and it's kinda cheap.. around 14 dollars pulled pork sliders Didn't like it.. it was too much sauce

Google Los Angeles (LAX, Venice Beach)

Address:   340 Main St, Venice, CA 90291 The Binoculars Building, originally the Chiat/Day Building, is a commercial office building located in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. ( Wikipedia ) There are several buildings, right now there are four buildings that are open, BIN1 is the main building, BIN2 is the gym, BIN5 is the new sales office with amazing salad cafe, and BIN7 - small building with a small nice rooftop. BIN1 BIN1 is the one with the Binocular Building! Google Earth This is INSIDE one of the Binoculars The Game Room, beside the binoculars Open space and beside it is the Barista Area and the Barista area Bin1 Cafe The Noodle Bar at the Cafe Fruits for Bfast Cupcakes at the Cafe for Pride (06/20/2016) Bin5 The Patio Bunker - The Salad Bar/Cafe and they have coconuts One of Gehry's installation that is apparen