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Izakaya Roku (Market St, SF)

Website: Address: 1819 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103 Rating: 4 out of 5 star Feedback: People rave about Yakitoris here but it is not really good and tad too expensive for it (3.75 per skewer).  Mochi Bacon was kinda interesting though. Tried the chicken skin (salted), and it was not really tasty. Chicken Katsu Curry - #1 popular curry food and costs only 12 dollars.  It was quite good, not too salty, not to spicy, just about right.  Serving is small though. Feb. 28, 2017 Chicken skin and Mochi Bacon Chicken Katsu

Mardi Gras 2017 (Hayes Valley, SF)

Website: Address: Patricia's Green , Octavia and Fell Street, San Francisco (Hayes Valley) Feedback Not a big event as there were prolly just about a 100 people there but it was quite fun, people were having a good time and people were enjoying the music from the Brass Band. Quite worth going there to listen to the music, look at people with fancy costumes, and just have FUN! Date: February 28, 2017

Stuffed (Pierogis at Mission, SF)

Website: Address:  2788 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 Rating: 3.5 out of 5 star Feedback: If you miss Pierogis, this place is prolly for you.  People tell me this is fantastic for Pierogis, and I guess this is the best, if not one of the best, in the City. I tried out the following Traditional Potato and Cheese Just usual Pierogi, it was "meh" to me. Spicy Avocado Sausage I really find it weird.. spicy, avocado, and sausage... it was something that I will not recommend. Mushroom This is prolly the best here and it's really good. 10 dollars for 2, 13 dollars for 3, and 20 dollars for 5 February 26, 2017 The Mushroom Pierogi 3 Pierogis with the cucumber salad Borscht as a side that comes with the meal You prolly wouldn't notice this place as it's a bit too inconspicuous!

Grand Coffee (MIssion, SF)

Website: Address:  2663 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 Rating: 4 out of 5 star Feedback: Quite a nice small place.  They serve Four Barrels coffee.  I asked for a latte, it was decently good, but don't try comparing with Ritual or Four Barrels as it is not frothed that well, but they are good enough.  Price is like 4.50 for a latte, wish it was cheaper though. February 26, 2017

Club Land San Francisco Tour

Image " Some older tourist guide books from the mid 20th century refer to the area between Nob Hill, Union Square, and the Financial District as Club Land or Club Row. The heyday of these social clubs was from the late 19th century up to the Great Depression. There were clubs for men, women, and a huge range of social, ethnic, and interest groups. They all took pride in a handsome club house. After the Second World War, society and its clubs changed into a more mixed and uneven phenomenon. Some clubs disappeared, others adapted, and a small number remained just as powerful and exclusive as ever. This tour includes 11 buildings, starting on Nob Hill and ending at Union Square. On Saturdays, whenever possible, we will go inside one of the clubs, so please observe an informal but appropriate dress code ." What is good about the tour: You see all the various clubs around the area (outside at least) and get to know tidbit of their hist