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Halal Guys San Francisco (Tenderloin)

Website: Location: 340 O'Farrel St, San Francisco Nearest Bart: Powell Street Rating: 4 out of 5 Feedback: Not sure but it seem to tasted slightly different from New York though it was still good Halal Guys food. There's something missing but not sure. I like Halal Guys generally because it is cheap and good. Love their falafels I usually order Combo (chicken and Beef Gyros) and add falafels. And just go for regular platter since it's bigger and only additional 2 dollars. February 6, 2017 For a Monday time, there seems to be a line all the way outside. Not so bad for a weekday lunch. Soft opening was just January 27, 2017 so I guess people are still lining up for the food. And there was  queue combo platter with their famous white and hot sauce