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PIneapple Grill, Maui, Hawaii

Website: Address: 200 Kapalua Dr, Lahaina, HI 96761 Rating: 4 out of 5 Star Feedback: July 2, 2017 It is a nice restaurant in a fancy place (Kapalua Golf Course) Great view of the course and bit of the ocean Food-wise, it was pretty good though I find it quite overwhelming. Not sure but I seem to notice that Hawaiians love to have their food sort of having overwhelming taste.  I had a risotto and it had some coconut so it kinda was very filling and was a bit too much. Seafood Risotto with Fresh Catch, Lobster, Shrimp ($40) It was generally good though I felt that it was too overwhelming due to the coconut mixed into the risotto. Lobster was OK. Liked the shrimp, the fresh catch (Opah Fish) was OK though doesn't have much of a taste. Fresh Catch of the Day with Thai Curry and Jasmine Rice ($35) You know when they try to make a Thai curry and do it with a twist, it just not that great! Fish and everything was go