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Aifur Krog & Bar - Surprisingly a Great Viking-Themed Restaurant

Main Entrance to the Restaurant If you want a great experience, good food, for a reasonably good price (at least in Sweden standard), then this Viking-themed restaurant is the right place for you. This is a bit hard to find because it has a narrow opening gate and it seems that first impressions doesn't really do this place justice. I initially thought this place was a bit dodgy because you have to go down some steps to get into the restaurant but once you are in, you are transported to like the Viking period ... with good food and great place for dinner. Main Course Lamb racks Dereson  Garlic and honey marinated lamb rack with honey tossed vegetables and sauce from the herb gardens of Constantinople (269 SEK)  This was the best that I have tried among these three meals. The lamb meat was soft and easy to chew. Even without the sauce, it was very tasty as it is. But obviously, this seems to be "safe" and you might want to be more adventurous and try the other 2 dishes