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Lake Elsinore Walker Canyon Live Camera

It's been really hard finding the live camera for Walker Canyon at Lake Elsinore so that I can check out if there is super bloom. Alas, they have one this year (2023) but the city decides to close it for safety reasons. I guess you can just see it from the Live Camera :(

SXSW 2023

  SXSW Tips and Tricks: SXSW Express Pass  Make sure to go online exactly at 9 am the day before and request for Express Pass (max 2 per person per day). This gives you priority in the lines, and thus, shorter lines and first to get into the events. RSVP For some reason, some events actually need an RSVP and the RSVP might not be mentioned in the app or SXSW site.   E.g. Irish Breakfast Music Festival needed RSVP. It was good that the weather was too cold that they did not turn away folks. San Pellegrino in French Legation needed RSVP so you can get a Food Token. We almost miss out on a good Italian Pizza. Backpacks or Tote Bags You need clear bags or you can use the SXSW Tote Bags they give you during the registration SWAGS Check out various exhibits especially the main ones, they really have good Swags. I miss out on Amazon givinng out customized Jeans Jackets. But I was able to check out C4's and got free hoodie that you can customize yourself. The next day, they only had a hat