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Santorini - Fira

Santorini Itinerary Fira Oia Beaches Perissa - Black Beach (close to Fira) Akritori - Red Beach Ammoudi Beach (down the donkey Path from Oia) Boutari Winery Sunset Cruise  Fira (Nea Kami, Hot Springs, Thirasia) and Sunset at Oia Fira "Fira, is a vision of dramatic cliffs and pristine whitewashed buildings. The Archaeological Museum contains Minoan artifacts from Fira’s ancient foundations, while several churches and monasteries offer a glimpse into the historical and contemporary religious make up of this beautiful village. Exploring the shops and cafes along Fira’s narrow footpaths is a leisurely way to spend an afternoon. " ( Trip Advisor ) Personally, I like Fira is more of "backpackers place" with lot of shops and bars.  You can find expensive restaurants to very cheap food,which are really good.  The plaza has many small shops with lots of cheap food and desserts. The Bars (Highlander)  The Highlander was a