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Red Cafe (Mission, San Francisco)

Webpage: Address:   2894 Mission Street San Francisco Food Rating: 2 out of 5 This is an inconspicuous cafe along the 24th Street and Mission.  It does seem to have very good reviews in yelp (especially with its plantains, which unfortunately, I have not tried). I've order Corned beef hash with toast which cost around 10 bucks and coffee around 2 bucks. Overall, the food was 'meh' rather than nice or decent.  Corned beef tasted like those canned corned beef and really not worth paying 10 bucks.   Coffee is just normal coffee and nothing spectacular.  I wouldn't come back here but then again, the good thing is that it's close to my place and there's not much of a queue.  Or maybe at least go back for Plantains. Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs