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Color Run 2015 @ Wembley Park

Link: Where:  Wembley Park (via Metropolitan or Jubilee Line) When:  June 7, 2015 Sunday Prolly the Happiest and FUNnest run event, where you go and run and being sprayed with color!  It is only around 5 KM (and you can walk). At the end of the run is the Finish Festival.  A lot of FUN music concerts and dancing! 2015 Event Guide here. Tip: Wear something that you might just want to throw since it gets stained (and find something colourful like tutu and  wig). The Color Run Kit They send it to you at least 2 weeks before.  Before the Start Befor the start of the race, they organize some sort of warm-up exercises that you can join in! The Start The wait to start is really long! It takes around 30-45 minutes queuing in the starting line just to start running!!!! First Stop 1 KM - Orange Zone Second Stop 2 KM - Capital Color (Blue) Zone Third Stop 3 KM - Oce