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An Act of God (with Sean Hayes)

Feedback: Sean Hayes is really really really funny! Amazing comedian and actor! For the religious ones, beware, it can be a bit blasphemous, so take it with a grain of salt. It is really just comedy!  (From SHNSF site ) AN ACT OF GOD The new hit play from the creator of, well, everything. "Deliriously funny! It's Jon Stewart funny plus Stephen Colbert funny."   - The New York Times   "Sinfully funny! A divine comedy!"   - Vanity Fair   "Wickedly funny and irreverent!"   - The Hollywood Reporter   After conquering Broadway, the King of the Universe is coming to San Francisco for the first time ever! God takes the form of Emmy Award winner Sean Hayes in AN ACT OF GOD , a 90-minute comedy where the Almighty and His devoted Angels answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. He’s finally arrived to set the record straight… and He’s not holding back! AN ACT OF GOD, coming to the S