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2017 SF Carnaval Parade and Festival (Mission, San Francisco)

Website: Date: May 28, 2017 (This is actually a two-day Saturday and Sunday, but the Parade is just on Sunday) My Photos: ; Slides Address: Harrison Street, 16th to 24th Street Feedback: Parade was suppose to start at around 9.30 but starting almost at 10 AM.  It also was a long parade that took more than 2 hours (prolly around 3 hours almost). It was interesting and there were a lot of spots that was easy to find and take pictures. Festival - It was really long and lots of food stalls, freebies, and interesting stuff.  You will see the folks after the parade too and can take more pictures. There are a lot of various stages with different concerts. The best thing, it is FREE! Parade Festival