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Battista's Hole in the wall (near the Strip, behind Flamingo's Las Vegas)

Website: Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star Address: 4041 Linq Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Feedback: Just a behind Flamingo's, near the LINQ ferris wheel, this "Hole in the Wall" Italian restaurant is actually quite good.  But I feel that it's the same tomato sauced used everywhere.  It is quite filling though and we only ordered three dishes for four people! Place looks really interesting though with lots of trinkets and things hanging in the ceiling. Good thing: 13 dollar cover charge and 13 dollar minimum BUT Free WINE Free Soup or Salad Free Cappuccino Free Garlic Bread Cappucino - too sweet for me Lasagna! Sooo good! Chicken Parmigiana - It is like Chicken Patty with Tomato Sauce. Yummy Meatballs - one of their classics Minestrone - quite good!

Mozzeria @Mission

Webpage: Address: 3228 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103 Food Rating: 4 out of 5 If you are looking for a nice quaint Italian restaurant, good enough but not busy with long queues and huge crowds, then this is prolly one that you will like. Mozzeria boasts itself with its pizza baked in a Stefano Ferrera Oven , which after googling, I realized was for 'artisan' pizzas (well, everything is artisan now, right?!!).  But in all seriousness, the restaurant has a nice homy atmosphere.  I was slightly surprised that the waitresses are deaf and it was like we were doing 'charades' sometimes, just to guess what she was trying to tell us but it all was good and great. As for the food, I had Eggplan parmigiana, which was just great.  I have bias for eggplants so .... :)  We also ordered pulled pork pizza.  It tasted good but not really my cup of tea.  It was savory and sweet at the same time.  Figs, pork, and cheese - I don't really like the