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San Francisco Pandemic Update - Personal Experience on Corona Virus Pandemic

San Francisco didn't go crazy right away like the rest of the US.  After declaring Pandemic by WHO on March 11, it was still OK, there were still toilet papers and alcohol but you realize that day by day, there are more people buying and hoarding things ... and like over the weekend (March 14-15), alcohol, toilet paper, and canned goods are all gone or groceries are forcing strict rules on limited purchase. July 29, 2020  There has been a lot of folks moving out of San Francisco and so I also decided to give up my my SF apartment. It was expensive for 3950 for 2 Bd 2 BA. Anyway, I went for a Covid Testing along Valencia to make sure that I am OK and I am not going to infect my relatives. Unfortunately, One Medical forgot to email me back my results (I was supposed to wait for an email) and only got the result after asking them on August 24, 2020. It was a bit disappointing considering the results was already ready 2-3 days after. April 20, Monday They are starting require p