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Bernal Heights Park

Address: Bernal Heights Park A nice hill, where you can go around and jog, and has a great view of the the city :) I love this rock, they repaint it based on the holidays / season.  This was taken Feb. 14, 2016 for Valentines and the four-leaf clover was taken on March 19, 2016 (a few days after St. Patty's Day - March 17).  Painted with Gold (April 13, 2016) Painted with Pink... not sure what it for... (June 5, 2016) Painted with the American colors  prolly for the 4th of July celebration (July 23, 2016) Amazing to see it without any paint (July 26, 2016) it's already spring (April 13, 2016) The Roswell? hehe Photo Sphere pictures (05/28/2016)

Primrose Hill

I have conversed with the Spiritual Sun.  I saw him on Primrose Hill. - William Blake 1757 Nearest Tube Station: Chalk Farm Station (Northern Line) Address: Primrose Hill, NW1 UK A very nice place away from tourists (though getting popular now).  It has a good view of London's skyline.  Regent's Park road is a nice place to stroll around and has one of my favorites, the little coffee shop. For those from the Philippines, Rizal used to stay around the area as well at No. 37 Chalcot Crescent. Primrose Hill August 1, 2015 - a beautiful Sunset Climbing up the hill On the way to Primrose Art on the Bridge and another sunset with a rainbow (August 5, 2015) Where to Eat? Little One Coffee Shop Google+: Address:  115 Regent's Park Rd, London NW1 8UR A small inconspicuous little coffee shop along Regent's Park r