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Oxford University

All I can say is that Oxford is such an amazing town... It is pretty!!! Going to different colleges, you will realize that England was really wealthy and had the best and brightest bunch of people.   How to go there?  Take the train from Paddington Station to Oxford Train Station, you get off near the Said Business School and the main town center is just a 10 minutes walk.  It costs around 20 pounds for return (off-peak) Where to stay? I would suggest staying in one of the college rooms if it is available then you can try getting breakfast in their dining halls.  Check out this site for that: If you are a harry potter fan, check out the Harry Potter trail here   (from When: June 4, 2015 (Thursday) Along Corn Market Street A nice street with a lot of shops and interesting attractions such as below ( here ) St. Michael An old church and you can go up the tower for a nice view of Oxford for 2 pounds. An Old c