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Alsace, France - Colmar, Ribeauville, and Riquewihr

How to get around Colmar, Ribeauville, and Riquewihr? We stayed around Colmar area as it is much of a bigger town and there are more things to see but we spent a day going around Colmar visiting the towns of Ribeauville and Riquewihr. Ribeauville is a small town (5K population) and bigger than Riquewihr (though I preferred the latter as it seems to be much more vibrant, more people, colourful).  All of these towns are very picturesque. To get to those towns, you can take bus 106 which stops at the main station of Colmar (Gare SCNF) or Place de Kenster (near the 12 cinemas).  It costs around 7 Euros for a round trip (which allows you also to get off at Riquewihr (since Ribeauville is further).  You can pay in the bus directly. Where are the stops in Colmar for Bus 106? For the main train station, the stop is basically, when you get out of the main entrance, it is to the right but there's also a stop near the tourist office in town (rather than you walk or go all the way t