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Website: 2017-11-23 Thanksgiving Weekend Mirror Lake Trail Views from the Mirror Lake Trail Vernal (lower falls) and Nevada (upper falls) Vernal Falls on the way to see Vernal Falls This is the view on top of the Vernal Falls Nevada Falls half Dome from the Nevada Falls area Love this cliff from Nevada

San Francisco Christmas 2017

Union Square The Christmas Tree and the Ice Skating Rink West Field, Market Street Macy's They are at their usual Xmas Windows where you can donate or adopt pets. Love it. Check out their 6th Floor where you can cuddle cats and dogs too. And the display is pretty too. Macy's Facade Macy's Window Display 6th floor of Macy This is where you can cuddle your pets

Dumpling Time (San Francisco, SOMA)

Website: Address: Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star Feedback: Nov. 26, 2017 Came at around  2.30 PM on Thanksgiving Weekend and there was still a line despite it was closing at 3 PM.  Took me less than 15 minutes though so not bad. Just wonder how long is the wait for normal time. Tried their KING DUM - was really hard to sip the dumpling but was good.  The only issue is that the skin was obviously thicker than normal so not my type though it was good for instagram.  I like it like Din Tai Fung - soft and thin skin that makes it easy to eat. Ordered Pork Gyoza - Yummmmy and a little spicy Ordered Seared Pork Buns - Love it Overall - I think this place is good but a bit pricy (just very San Francisco).  I think it's worth trying this out. Seared Pork Bun The King Dum Preparing the Dumplings Pork Gyoza