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Bantam King, Washington DC

Website: Address: 501 G St NW, 20003  Washington DC Rating: 4 out of 5 Star Feedback: June 13, 2017 This restaurant is actually the sister restaurant of Daikaya ('acclaimed' #1 Ramen in DC) and just a block away from it Tried the Chicken Platter as per recommendation of the waitress in Daikaya and since I already tried Daikaya's Ramen Chicken was juicy and a bit spicy Rice - with Chicken Drippings - not too oily or fatty but I actually would have just preferred to have it as a side. The Menu The Restaurant The Toilet I just took a picture 'cuz it looks interesting with all the "chicken" pictures and a more festive lighting.

The Front Porch, SF

Website: Address:  65a 29th street san francisco, ca 94110 Louisiana Fried Chicken Love the Gumbo's Love the hush puppy crab Chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Went well with mashed potatoes and some popcorn. They added some kinda veggie too. Gumbo Corn Bread Tootie Ma Porch Swing Fried Chicken Bucket of Chicken Jambalaya Garlic Fries!!!