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Bernal Heights Running Trail

Distance: 3  miles from Mission/Cesar Chavez (complete run) Steepness:   A bit hilly and depending where you go - you can either go all the way up or go up & down so do watch your trail. View of SF:   Really pretty, you have a view of Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower on one side, SF downtown and you can even see the tip of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Hunter's Point area (water). Sights:  Bernal Boulder and the Swing with a beautiful view of the city, and the Sutrito Tower See Map  here . Views Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower View of Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks on a Foggy Day SF and Tip of Golden Gate  Waters towards Hunter's Point & India Basin Bernal Boulder  They keep on repainting it and sort of depends on the season. They even have the "July 4th" paint. The Swing On the way up View on the way down from Bernal heights Blvd to Folsom Street Int

John McLaren Park (Running Trail)

Distance: 5 miles from Mission/Cesar Chavez Steepness:  Not too Hilly, a bit flat most of the time View of SF: Not much view but there is something at the blue tower project which has the view. Check out the Youtube below. Sights: Amphiteater, 99 Tiled Steps, Pond/Reservoir See Map Here . St Mary's Footbridge and going up to McLaren Park Jerry Garcia Amphitheater Water Pond/ Reservoir The reservoir / Water Pond in John McLaren The Blue Water Tower With the Blue Water Tower and View of SF 99 Steps At Avalon Avenue