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Benihana, Burlingame, California

Website: Address: 1496 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010 Rating: 4 star Feedback: If you like Hibachi-style of restaurant - entertaining and yet not too expensive, Benihana is prolly for you.  This might be a chain but I always enjoy watching the chef show off their skills, not just in cooking, but also in magic and some sort of 'circus' performance.  Foodwise - it is quite good as well so I don't have any complaints. The only complaint was that they didn't let us sit until there was everybody or if we can order for all.  Honestly, it didn't matter because the main only comes in like half an hour later. Ruben, our chef, preparing the Shrimp Appetizer Making us Smile with his SMILEY scrambled egg Chicken Fried Rice I think it lacks a bit of taste ... but i'm OK with it. Wished they had some spring onions too Shrimp appetizer with Zuchini Filet Mignon with Onions and Mushrooms - I a