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Mallorca (Majorca) - Palma and Santa Ponsa

TRANSPORTATION Airport: PMI (Palma, Majorca) Airport to City Centre: Bus 1 Just outside the airport and costing only 3 Euros Get off at Plaza Espanya in Palma to get off the central train and bus stations Every 15 minutes on weekdays, and around 30 minutes on holidays and Sundays. Palma to Santa Ponsa Bus 102 , 104, 111 At the Bus station in Plaza Espanya (just beside the trains), costing 3.40 Euros and get off a Plaza Ponsa 104 is slower, takes an hour, so you might just want to take 111 and 102. THINGS TO DO SANTA PONSA One of the many resorts in Mallorca and has great water inlets PALMA Main city center of Mallorca  There is a historical Palma which is great to walk around Pueblo Espanol This looks like window to the Spanish world.. they have houses and replicas of famous attractions around Spain They even had a replica of Nasrjid Palace of Alhambra (and less the crowd) Palma Cathedral This is the m