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Golden Gate Bridge Cycling - San Francisco

One of the popular things to do in San Francisco is to walk or better yet, cycle in the Golden Gate Bridge. Here's how to? Rent a bike around SF.  Maybe get one from Sports Basement at Presidio.  You may have to uber there as it is a bit of a walk or hard to commute. You can cycle from there through golden gate bridge and towards Sausalito.  The path from Presidio to Sausalito  here . Have lunch around Sausalito - a very nice place. And if tired, you can cycle back or mebbe, get a Ferry from Sausalito to Pier 39 From Pier 39 - it's prolly another 20 minutes back to Presidio. Golden Gate Bridge View from the Bridge Sausalito from the Bridge Taking a Ferry (the Views) The Ferry from Sausalito Golden Gate Bridge from the Ferry Alcatraz from the Ferry Inside the Ferry (you can stay outside or inside) Towards Fort Mason (cycling from Pier 39) Cycling back from the Ferry