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Covid Testing

  I was using One-Medical to schedule for a covid test.  They had two types of tests PCR Test (Schwab test) where they put those cotton sticks on your nose and check if you have Covid Antibody Test where they will test if you "ever" had Covid. Unfortunately, I can only find one with PCR test near my flat (as I have been avoiding to commute) and was looking for Testing Centers that are of walking distance. I went to One Medical in mission: 580 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110 On the day itself, i just went to the Testing Center, fill out the form.  I have to stay outside since I had a bit of cough (not really cough but because of the mask that I was wearing it was making my throat itchy).  If you have any cough or any symptoms, the'll ask you to wait outside. They will just call you when it's your turn and it's really just a quick one. Just roll the cotton buds in both your nostrils. The newer ones is that they don't have to put it up deep to your nostrils

Connecting to Ubuntu machines

Image Access via the web   client. You can access your virtual desktop through your preferred internet   browser. To do this, go to the  URL  provided in the email sent after your Cloud Desktop infrastructure was delivered. Your default browser will open, and display a window where you can choose between installing the VMware Horizon Client, or using VMware Horizon  HTML   Access. Click on VMware Horizon  HTML   Access. A window will open, prompting you to enter your login details. Your login details are included in the delivery confirmation email for your virtual desktop   solution. Finally, click on the icon for your virtual desktop, and wait for it to   launch. Access via the VMware Horizon View   client. To get access to a wider range of features, you can install a software   clie

Kinilaw Recipe

Kinilaw Recipe for Grocery Shopping: 1/2 lb of Raw fish fillet of your choice--ahi tuna, salmon, yellowtail, or shrimp  ginger - 2 inch knob 1 red onion  1 stalk lemongrass (optional, if you can find it)  3 thai chilis, or 1 serrano chili (whatever you can find) 2 cloves garlic 1 can coconut milk - kara brand if you can find it, other brands will do 1 cup cane or white distilled vinegar 3/4 cup fish sauce - megachef brand if you can find it, other brands will do 1 cup calamansi or lime juice (please buy and juice the citrus yourself! --it'll taste much better) 1 cup sugar 5 sprigs cilantro Bag of Shrimp Chips or Tortilla Chips to eat with the Kinilaw.  Kitchen Tools Needed: Sharp knife  Cutting Board 1 Large Mixing Bowl 1 Medium Mixing Bowl Sieve to strain calamansi or lime juice Whisk Fork Spoons to mixing and tasting Microplane or fine grater if you have it, otherwise, we'll chop the garlic and ginger with a knife Peeler