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Red Flame Artesia

This is one of the many places that sever personal hotpots like Boiling point etc.  Price is 12.95 for all kind of hotpots.  They also have steaks and ramen unlike the other places.  Food is quite good but they don't have the sauces that I like for my hotpot.

Peter Schabarum Regional Park, Colima Rd, LA County

Parking: There is a parking fee of 7 dollars, otherwise, you can park outside or along the streets towards the park. A lot of picnic places and quite nice to walk around, and connects to the more hilly side of the park on the south side.

The Nest: A Breakfast Joint, Cerritos, Los Angeles

This place seems to be quite busy and crowded.  Went here on a Sunday (May 16, 2021, at 10AM) and they told us to wait for 90 minutes.  We got it for an hour. Good thing is you can sign up and just come back.  Also, seems like you can sign up for WAITLISTING via YELP so just do that before heading here. Foodwise, pretty good, but nothing to wow me or for me to wait really long in line.  The "Coffee" samplers were also interesting. Coffee Sampler Mint Mojito, Raspberry Mojita, and Blackberry Mocha Quite interesting taste wise and only costs 5.50$ French Toast Small Plates - Bacon and. Waffles Short Rib with horse radish! Quite Tasty too.

Jacaranda Tree LA

Santa Ana CA W Myrtle Street is a long street and it is full of Jacaranda Trees, you will drive along Jacarandas for minutes and minutes Cerritos CA Along 183rd Street (starting from Palo Verde Intersection) has a block of nice jacaranda trees too. It is really kinda nice since that road is clear of cars and just perfect. Lakewood CA Del Amo Blvd, in between Woodruff Ave and Palo Verde Ave have Jacaranda trees, but the road is quite wide and the Jacaranda trees are on the way to the extreme left and right.. so what you see is basically a row of jacarandas near the houses on the left and row of green trees, the main street, then row of green trees, then a row of jacarandas again. jacaranda tree map Jacaranda Place, Fullterton Mountain View Place Fullerton Maertin Lane, fullerton --- Floral Park, Santa Ana Myrtle STreet Santa Ana  Head to McFadden Avenue and Garnsey Street. Linwood Avenue Santa Ana

Mian Noodles, Cerritos

Bib Gourmand Restaurant - This is a Szechuan noodle chain know for it's Beef Rib Noodles and Crispy Skin Chicken and if course, the  zhajiangmian , a bowl whose surface is paved with ground pork and scallions, and whose noodles have a distinct chewy pull! With Mung Bean Juice Beef Noodle Soup Crispy Fried Chicken

BCD Tofu House

BCD Tofu House 11710 South St #101, Artesia, CA 90701 Rating: 4 out of 5 Feedback: This is a chain and I always find this really good with good Korean side dishes and very affordable for like 15$ for a Soon Tofu and you already get all the good Korean Side Dishes. They also serve the yummy small fried fish side dish :) Rice is in a stone pot which makes the bottom part kinda toasted if you like that. Try ordering a combination to make it worth it.  The Soon Tofu soup that goes with the combination is "smaller" than the regular Soon Tofu bowl. Seafood Pancake Galbi! The Free Fish Their Mackerel, I think this is more Fried than Grilled Mild Spicy Soon Tofu Dumpling Soup Not Spicy - I think you should ordered at least Mild. The clear one is kinda bland.