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Tin Roof by Chef Simeon (Top Chef Finalist) - Maui Hawaii

Website: Address:  360 Papa Place, Kahului, HI, 96732 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star Feedback: July 3, 2017 A mom and pop eatery in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii! This was recommended by my friend 'cuz she saw Top Chef Sheldon Simeon in 2 Seasons of Top chef and he has kinda like a pop-up restaurant in Maui Hawaii. The place was really small and not much space to eat so you might just want to order (via square) or walk in and buy.  The wait wasn't that long which is good.  Note, it is only open during lunch 10am-2pm Mondays to Saturdays The dish seems to be Hawaiian or Filipino with a twist and is quite cheap for all menus being under $10 dollars. Chef Sheldon Simeon Top Chef Season 10 (2012) and Season 14 (2016) Top Finalist and won Fan Favorite award for both seasons Credits: Photo by "he was named in Hawaii Magazine's Top 5 Best Hawaiian Chefs of 2014 and voted FOOD & WINE Magazine's 2014 People's Bes


Website: Location: 422 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, CA, 94066 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star Feedback: I got so excited and I ordered the Bilao #1 (58 bucks).  It was generally alll deep fried - Chicken, Dried Fish (Jeprox), Milk Fish, Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicharon, Prawn Crackers, and the only veggie is Lady Fingers , Mango and Tomato. It was good though but they also have some Sulit ala-carte which seems to better choices. Next Time: Try the Shrimp cooked with Crab Fat (Taba ng Talangka) Bilao Sulit #1

FOB Kitchen

Website: Address:  2351 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 Rating: X out of 5 star Feedback: Filipino pop up food that has taken permanent place in this restaurant. Check out their opening hours. Tried their Bistek and Egg Surprised that it was two whole steaks.  It was OK, not that good. Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday - 11 to 3 PM Wednesday to Saturday - 6 to 10 PM February 26, 2017 Bistek and Egg I thought it was gonna be strips of meat but it's two whole steaks. Good but only bad thing for me personally is that I'm not used to eating Bistek rare. I didn't like it as it wasn't that cooked. Prolly one thing you should take note of when you are buying it.  For Filipinos, we don't like it rare, normally we go medium/ medium well

Tastebuds @San Bruno, California

Website: Address:   582 San Bruno Ave W, San Bruno, CA 94066 Near: San Bruno Caltrain Dish: Filipino Rating: 4 out 5 star Feedback: Quite a good Filipino restaurant which has a good options.  The only thing is that I did not enjoy their sisig - it is more of a chopped grilled pork, rather than real sisig. Lechon - they have an actual roast pig but they serve them evenings, after 5 on weekdays and after 10 AM on weekends.  They cost like 14.95 per pound. Buffer - they serve buffet during the weekends and was not bad for 14.99 per person/adults and 9.99 for kids (4-10 years). The only thing is that they don't really have good drinks - they had coffee and iced tea They had bilo bilo, champorado, arroz caldo, and sinigang which was good Too much of pork dishes if I must say - sinigang was pork sinigang, lechon paksiw, lechon dinakdakan, pork spareribs adobo etc. It was a good spread though with plenty of options, but not much for dessert

FCF Filipino Comfort Food Damosa

If you like simple good Filipino Food in Davao, this is one good option. And since it is not in the major malls, it is not that crowded too. FB Page: Address:  Damosa complex, Lanang Davao City, Philippines  Phone: +63 925 799 6731 Bicol Express This is with Balut. Quite tasty :) Tokwa't Baboy Manok with Coconut

Krystal's Cafe 81 - Authentic Filipino Food @NYC, East Village

Webpage: Address: 81 E 7th Street Food Rating: 5 out of 5 - Authentic Filipino food in NYC at a very affordable price Price: Affordable. We paid 55 bucks + tip for 2 Sago't Gulaman, 2 Garlic Rice, Bicol Express, Lechon Kawali, Sisig, and a slice of Braso de Mercedes. Sago't Gulaman - tad sweet though Pandesal - Hot Pandesal, and I soooo miss this bread! Bicol Express - Spicy and Creamy, just the way I like it Lechon Kawali - crispy and soo unhealthy! Yummy! Sisig - I guess a tamer version since they didn't prolly have 'innards or cheeks' but still good as ever! Braso de Mercedes - classic Filipino cake added with a Cream which seem to have some kind of 'alcoholic syrup'