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Yaneff at DSTRKT

Advice: DO NOT VISIT THIS RESTAURANT For some reason, the previous month's review in TripAdvisor's reviews were good. But this week, seems like a lot of the the customers have the same sentiments and feedback 1) Horrendous Service We were waiting for our table and we were there slightly early.. it was already 20 minutes past our reservation and we have to ask them again for our table. For some reason, other guests were accommodated a lot faster (especially if they were all girls and wearing 'provocative' dresses')  We waited more than half an hour for our mains, then another half an hour for our dessert. and the couple near us was also angry because of the extremely slow and rude service.  My friend ordered steak - it arrived COLD!  We ordered a bottle of wine, and the when we asked to pour more wine to our bottle, the guy said that the bottle was empty. I was sure there was still left!!! We actually was so pissed off that we ask them to take off the servi