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My Japan Tiktok Recommendations

 Tokyo Nihonbashi Kaisen Donburi Tsujihan Nihonbashi There are three locations. The one near Tokyo station always has a line but the one in Ark Hills ( Ark Mori Building ) seems to not have a queue Tonkatsu Hajime Nihonbashi there are two around there. Go to the Second Store (Hajime) as there is no line. The main store which is a block or two away always has a line. Tsujihan Katsu Shokudo Seems like you have to queue up before they open, otherwise, there is going to be a line as this is like only an 11-seater restaurant. They are pretty popular with their "bonito flake" bowl. There's only one menu. Godaime Hanayama Udon This the flat noodle. There are a few branches near Tokyo Station and Ginza. Apparently, there is one now in Haneda airport and no lines there. At Tsukiji Market Tsukiji Unitora Nakador i: Famous for their Uni Bowl. Line was ridiculous. Tsukiji Koromo Sushi : Famous for their Sushi and Sashimi Bowl. No line. Shouru: for Omelette Stick. Line was kinda lo


Tip: Book your hotel and bus tickets early.  In places like Kawaguchiko, especially going back to Tokyo, all the buses were packed and you can't buy tickets on the day itself. So better reserve and buy the tickets early. You can still change it (one-time change only) if needed.  Lake Kawaguchiko Express Bus from Shinjuku Express Terminal to Kawaguchiko Station  Price: 2200 Yen (one-way) Durationg: ~2 Hrs Kusatsu Onsen Express Bus from Shinjuku Express Terminal to Kustatsu Onsen Bus Terminal  Price: 4000 Yen (one-way), if earlier you can buy 3100 Yen Duration: ~4 hrs Nikko Direct Odoriko Train from Shinjuku  Only one train per day Leaves 9.39 AM arrviving 11.35 from Shinjuku Leaves Tobu-Nikko Station at 4.39 PM, arriving 6.35 PM Kawazu Direct Train from Tokyo Station to Kawazu Duration: ~2.5 Hours