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Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2018

Image Date: May 25th to May 27 Feedback: This was very pricy with the one-day tickets sold at $149 dollars but with a service fee of $24 dollars and shipping of $17 dollars, it totals $190 for just a day Friday seemed to be OK. The main stage was not as crowded for Friday headliner (Muse), I guess because the crowd was pretty split between the Muse and the Chain smokers - different genres of music and different kind of crowd. Food: There were a lot of food and drink options. Seems easier to get food near the Midway Stage as opposed to the food stalls near the main (Jam Cellars) stage Make sure you know what to bring and not to bring! Chardonnay with the Bottle Rock Souvenier Plastic Cup Morimoto Chicken and Curly Fries

Jacob Banks + Leon (from Sweden) at Rickshaw Stop SF

Website: Address: 155 Fell Street Rickshaw Stop I wouldn't even think this was a music venue. It does look like an Indie/ "hipster" kind of place with some kinda like old decors, trikes etc, and old videos being projected like that of Jane Fonda and Arnold Scwharzenegger.   Not really big as a venue but just good enough. Leon from Sweden This is the front of it! Murals and looks sketchy! Scwharzenegger Video?!! Jacob Banks!

Outside Lands Music Festival, San Francisco, August 2016

Website: Where: Golden Gate Park When: August  5 - 7 , 2016 Feedback: One of the big music festivals in SF.  If you are music lover, go for this! :) Tip: Just plan your exit strategy earlier.  Most people try to leave half an hour before the end of the day to avoid the crowd, though a lot of people are doing it already. VIP Pass What I think of the VIP Pass? It was good to have a different entrance which makes it faster.  There's a lounge and bleachers where you can sit and watch the main stage.   For the Twin peaks and Land's end stage, there is a section just for VIP so you can go near the stage without being packed like Sardines or people pushing you so there's a lot of space. There's an area where you can charge your phone and sit and TV to watch the concerts from other stages.  There's also a food court area just for VIPs. My V