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Saatchi Gallery - Patek Philippe Exhibition 2015

From May 26 to June 7, 2015,  Saatchi Gallery is having a grand exhibition of Patek Philippe Watches.  This is definitely one of the nicest exhibitions and has different rooms (not as fancy as the Hermes collection .  From the seeing actual watches to seeing the watchmakers doing the carving, attaching gemstones, etc, it was amazing to just see it.  And the highlight is prolly the most complicated (and prolly) most expensive watch, the Grandmaster Chime. Room 4: The Royal Room These are the watches that royalties have used. Room 18: The 175th Anniversary Area Finally, you can see the highlight of the show, the Grandmaster Chime, the most complicated and expensive watch.  The Watchmaker's Room More Watches PATEK PHILIPPE WATCH ART GRAND EXHIBITIO

Rabbit @ Sloane Square

Link: Address: 172 King's Road, Chelsea, London Sometimes dubbed as the best British Tapas at its finest, this restaurant is apparently owned three brothers (a restaurateur, a chef and, a farmer) and indeed, the food is good (though tad pricy). Tip: Do Not order the Set Menu which costs 28 pounds per person... seems like you end up paying more. We ended up seemingly to have one dish which is not bigger than individually ordered dishes and sharing among the three of us. Just order individual dishes as it is probably cheaper. Article from the Telegraph: The Rabbit Loosener Drink! (Virgin or with Vodka) The Mouthfuls: Crab Bomb, Mushroom Marmite Eclair, Rabbit Rilettes, Chicory Seabass Roe The Mushroom Marmite Eclair was really good and I didn't really detect a hint of marmite, but just very strong truffles