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Kanada-ya, Piccadily Circus, London (Ramen)

Nearest Tube Station: Piccadily Circus Site:  Address:  3 Panton St, London SW1Y 4DL This is their 2nd store the first on is in 64 Saint Giles High Street, London WC2H 8LE, United Kingdom  Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star Feedback: October 16, 2017 (Monday) As I've said in my  initial review,  "I personally consider this the best ramen I have tasted so far here in London. The soup and noodle was great, thick and tasty. The meat was soft as it should be. The Egg was a bit sweet (not to my liking but some might like it). " I ordered hard ramen which is the recommended one. And this time, I tried the Tonkotsu! Space is bigger than the one in Covent Garden but still tad small For some reason, I didn't have to wait long despite being there at 7 pm. I think the queue is not that bad for both shops from what I heard but normally for this place, it is better because they have more seats. Tonkotsu Ramen With Tan-tan (minced pork)

Biju, Soho, London (Boba/Bubble Tea)

Website: Address: 45 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 6HQ Rating: 4 out of 5 star Nearest Tube Station: Leicester Square Feedback: October 16, 2017 Nice central place with good space (very hipster/trendy space) Teas are freshly brewed (except prolly for the fruit ones which are from extract) It is good milk tea (and just like the fact that 50% sugar is NOT that sweet, unlike what I ordered in Chatime - 25% but tasted like almost full of sugar. Roasted Oolong Tea with Green Apple Poppings

Winter Wonderland @London

Webpage: Nearest Station: Hyde Park Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 Feedback:  One of the FUNnest things to do over Christmas in London.  It is based on like German Christmas Markets, there are German Sausages, Mulled Wine (Gluehwein), and Bavarian Villages. The only bad thing - London's weather is pretty unpredictable and you can be soaking wet just being there.  Also, when it comes nearer December, the place is soooooooo crowded that it is even hard to get into the place. Some tips: Enjoy German sausages, churros, and Mulled Wine (Gluehwein). German Sausages!! They have Pork Belly too! Mulled Wine Giant German Statue! Entering the Alpen Hotel - it was quite fun though :) Inside the Alpen Hotel

Maitre Choux @London

Webpage: Address:   15 Harrington Road, London SW7 3ES, United Kingdom Rating: 5 out of 5 Feedback: Probably has the best eclair that I have tried so far.  They have great chouquettes as well. Tried their Pistachio Eclair and it tasted really good. I had their chouquettes too and it was good.

Marylebone High Street - An Overview of the Area

Nearest Tube: Bond Street or Baker Street Map here . One of the nicest places in London as it is cooped up  away from the throngs of tourists of Oxford street or those at Baker Street visiting Mdm Tussauds and Sherlock Holmes Museum. This place is nice as they have really nice shops, it's a nice place to just stroll along. They have a nice parks, and just around there is the Wallace Collections as well. Brunch Places at Marylebone La Fromagerie - 5/5 stars French Organic Restaurant The Providores - 5/5 Tapa Room famous for Chorizos and Turkish Eggs The Natural Kitchen - 4/5 Similar to Whole Foods Coco Momo - 3.5/5 Daylesford - 4/5 British Farm Food Museum around the Area Wallace Collections Attractions around the Area Mdm Tussauds Sherlock Holmes Museume Parks / Squares Paddington Street Gardens Churches  St. James Roman Catholic Churc

The Natural Kitchen

Image Address: 77 Marylebone High Street Rating: 4 out of 5 stars This feels like a more upscale Whole Foods Market with an affordable and good food to eat for Breakfast and Lunch.  They have good smoothies as well if you love them.

Coco Momo

Image Address:  79 Marylebone High Street Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Restaurant was quite nice, it feels like you are in some Parisian Restaurant.  The food - Burger was so so, you can get better ones while the Salad was just OK.

Primrose Hill

I have conversed with the Spiritual Sun.  I saw him on Primrose Hill. - William Blake 1757 Nearest Tube Station: Chalk Farm Station (Northern Line) Address: Primrose Hill, NW1 UK A very nice place away from tourists (though getting popular now).  It has a good view of London's skyline.  Regent's Park road is a nice place to stroll around and has one of my favorites, the little coffee shop. For those from the Philippines, Rizal used to stay around the area as well at No. 37 Chalcot Crescent. Primrose Hill August 1, 2015 - a beautiful Sunset Climbing up the hill On the way to Primrose Art on the Bridge and another sunset with a rainbow (August 5, 2015) Where to Eat? Little One Coffee Shop Google+: Address:  115 Regent's Park Rd, London NW1 8UR A small inconspicuous little coffee shop along Regent's Park r