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English Heritage: Audley End House & Gardens

What to see? - Has a fantastic Great Hall (see picture) - Has a nice garden with greenhouse, stream, and waterfalls - Prolly the only house in the UK (or the world) where the coals are stored in the upper room (coal gallery). - Lord Richard was unable to do hunting due to illness and instead was interested in Natural History and Archaeology.  One of the stuffed animals was the almost extinct in the UK largest wild breeding bird, the Bustard Bird. -Try to check in the library the red and gold chequered Sir John Griffin Griffin's books. Plus, for the young ones (or the young one at heart), there is a miniature railway station just right across the house. Nearest Train Station: Audley End (an hour away from London Liverpool Street Tube station).  It is a bit of a walk (1.25 miles) and no proper pedestrian area so you might just decide to get a cab and pay around 5 pounds.