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Andalucia / Southern Spain

Ronda Hotel: Must-Sees: New Bridge if there was one thing that you should do in Ronda, this is it! The view of the new bridge is so spectacular! It felt like I was in Rivendell (Lord of the Rings). Check out the 360 degree view in Google Maps (here).  The picture itself will convince you that this place will definitely take your breath away Cadiz Hotel: Must-Sees: Cordoba Hotel: Must-Sees: Must-try: Restaurante Choco Seville Hotel: Must-Sees: Granada Hotel: Must-Sees: Eats: Bodega Driving or Commuting? It's a bit crazy driving in South of Spain with all the roundabouts and the roads in the city itself is very narrow. If you are OK with that then I guess feel free to drive then you can do stops along the way. However, I would just suggest to just take the train or bus then you don't have to worry about Parking and all the hassle of driving Do you need to book in Advance For Alhambra, defi