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Zen Yai

Address: 771 Ellis Street Highly recommended by my Thai friends I don't like this Thai version of Sukiyaki

Hazel Southern Bar & Kitchen

Website: Address: 1446 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102 Feedback: Went to Hazel Bar during Happy Hour (5-7 pm) Ordered Well Cockails which was just gin and tonic and was just ok They have the apple puncher which was too cinnamon-y and sweet. The fried chicken and wings kinda tasted the same. The only difference was there the wings that I ordered was garlic parmesan.  Fried chicken was huge though and both the wings and Fried chicken was really worth it for 10 dollars.  Mac and cheeseballs was ok and for 9 dollars. Better to order just more wings.

School of Rock - Musical

Where: Orpheum Theatre, 1192 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102 Website: Feedback: June 27, 2018: The play was catchy and good.  It was a the usual story of an irresponsible person who made an impact on and touched the  lives of children even though that wasn't his initial intentions. The best part of the play were the kids who were really good at playing instruments and singing. It was a good and fun musical to watch.

SF Pride Parade 2018

Website: Dates: TransMarch (June 22, Friday) Dyke March (June 23, Saturday) Pride March (June 24, Sunday) Feedback: Didn't realize that pride in SF was the whole weekend starting from Friday, all the way to Sunday.  So for Friday, it starts with Transmarch around 6pm and then Dyke March on Saturday 5 PM and both start in Dolores Park.  The Pride March is along Market Street and ending in the civic center. This is the biggest march and the craziest and the civic center has huge street party area, where the line gets really crowded starting at around 2 pm (so you might want to check that earlier). Dolores park was crazy as well during the whole weekend especially on a Saturday. It was extremely crowded than normal. Pride March - Sunday Dyke March - Saturday Dolores Park was crazy crowded Trans March - Friday