Sonoma Country Hot Air Balloon Fest 2018

Rating: 4 out of 5 star
Date: June 9 & 10th
  • June 9th
    • Didn't make it for the dawn lighting because it was too early but reached there around 6-ish and the balloons were already blown up. 
    • Some folks have started taking the tethered ride ($20)
    • The weather was kinda bad so they ended up deflating the balloons around 7.30ish and thus, ending the hot air balloon activities.  So expect if the weather is bad/windy, they might not happen.
    • Parking Space: We parked along the streets before the venue and it was free.
    • The highlight was blowing up the "Darth Vader" Balloon and music of the march went on but unfortunately, due to the wind, they have to deflate it right away. 
      • And btw, some folks were wearing Star Wars costume.


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