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Kitzbuhel, Austria

February 25, 2015 One of those many ski resorts in Austria is Kitzbuhel.  This is around 2 hours from Salzburg.  What I like about this place is actually the hotel with pool and spa at the top floor.  Amazingly beautiful! Hotel Schloss Lebenberg Webpage: The Panoramic View from my room The Hotel with the view of the ice-capped Mountains! Exhilirating!

Innsbruck, Austria

Definitely, a hidden gem. Innsbruck is one of those places that people think there's not much things to see, but is actually WORTH-Visiting! I was planning to just stay here for a day, and go off the next day very early to Munich but ended up staying here for a longer time. Here are the basic information that you need to know: Innsbruck Airport There's a lot of European budget planes like easyjet that goes to Innsbruck Airport You do not really need to book a cab to go from Airport to the city, just get a bus (line F ) from the airport and it's only 2 Euros and you will reach the Hauptbahnof (Central Train Station) in less than 20 minutes.  Obviously it has a lot of stops. Accommodation I stayed in Ibis hotel which was around 90 Euros per night for a twin room.  Surprisingly the room was not the usual small Ibis rooms. It was normal space and it is just right beside the central train station (Hauptbahnof) so it is very convenient. There's even a connection directly from