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Red Flame Artesia

This is one of the many places that sever personal hotpots like Boiling point etc.  Price is 12.95 for all kind of hotpots.  They also have steaks and ramen unlike the other places.  Food is quite good but they don't have the sauces that I like for my hotpot.

Pot on Fire, Cerritos, LA, USA

Address: 11900 South St STE 110, Cerritos, CA 90703 Rating: 4 out of 5 star Feedback: October 25, 2020 Tried today and they are still in their soft opening.  I went to order their House Hot Pot special with fermented tofu.  I could definitely smell the "fermented" tofu and it is smelly :) The soup is quite tasty and this is actually quite filling.  I order their new Roast Oolong Milk Tea with Aloe Vera - I will probably not order any other teas with them again.  I did order less ice and 30% but it tasted so diluted like I am drinking water.  My aunt has Green tea but she also said it tasted too bland.  The hotpot is quite good but I think I still prefer Boiling Point as it's cheaper and as good anyway and it comes with free green or black tea during Lunch. House Hotpot Special  I ordered the one with Fermented Tofu.  It has Pork, Corn, Imitation Crab stick, etc. Japanese Seafood Special Miso Soup (it has pork too)