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Bernal Heights Running Trail

Distance: 3  miles from Mission/Cesar Chavez (complete run) Steepness:   A bit hilly and depending where you go - you can either go all the way up or go up & down so do watch your trail. View of SF:   Really pretty, you have a view of Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower on one side, SF downtown and you can even see the tip of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Hunter's Point area (water). Sights:  Bernal Boulder and the Swing with a beautiful view of the city, and the Sutrito Tower See Map  here . Views Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower View of Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks on a Foggy Day SF and Tip of Golden Gate  Waters towards Hunter's Point & India Basin Bernal Boulder  They keep on repainting it and sort of depends on the season. They even have the "July 4th" paint. The Swing On the way up View on the way down from Bernal heights Blvd to Folsom Street Int

John McLaren Park (Running Trail)

Distance: 5 miles from Mission/Cesar Chavez Steepness:  Not too Hilly, a bit flat most of the time View of SF: Not much view but there is something at the blue tower project which has the view. Check out the Youtube below. Sights: Amphiteater, 99 Tiled Steps, Pond/Reservoir See Map Here . St Mary's Footbridge and going up to McLaren Park Jerry Garcia Amphitheater Water Pond/ Reservoir The reservoir / Water Pond in John McLaren The Blue Water Tower With the Blue Water Tower and View of SF 99 Steps At Avalon Avenue

Benihana, Burlingame, California

Website: Address: 1496 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010 Rating: 4 star Feedback: If you like Hibachi-style of restaurant - entertaining and yet not too expensive, Benihana is prolly for you.  This might be a chain but I always enjoy watching the chef show off their skills, not just in cooking, but also in magic and some sort of 'circus' performance.  Foodwise - it is quite good as well so I don't have any complaints. The only complaint was that they didn't let us sit until there was everybody or if we can order for all.  Honestly, it didn't matter because the main only comes in like half an hour later. Ruben, our chef, preparing the Shrimp Appetizer Making us Smile with his SMILEY scrambled egg Chicken Fried Rice I think it lacks a bit of taste ... but i'm OK with it. Wished they had some spring onions too Shrimp appetizer with Zuchini Filet Mignon with Onions and Mushrooms - I a

Haight-Ashbury San Francisco Walking Tour

Description: Come explore San Francisco's first "suburb," evolving from a Victorian playground to a post 1906 earthquake and fire refugee camp, to ultimately the epicenter of the San Francisco sound during the Summer of Love, hosting Hippies, Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Hell's Angels and Charles Manson. Somewhat strenuous.  San Francisco City Guides Tour Date: July 16, 2017 (Sunday) @11 PM Meeting Point: Park Branch Library, 1833 Post Street Tour Guide: Phil Bally European Navigator discovered San Francisco Bay thru horse not by sea - Portola. Too foggy and hard to find by the sea. Blocked by Aacatraz and Angel Island. Drake's Bay! Haight - Neighborhood was built in 1860s and really grown during 1870s Types Victorian Houses 1) Queen Anne Victoria - Rounded Turret 2) Stick 3) Transitional (if it's a combination) How old is San Francisco - As old as US - constitution - June 29, 1776 (Mission Dolores) Park Branch Library Oldes