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Taipei, Taiwan 4-day Itinerary

How to get from airport to the city?
Taxi costs around 1000 NT or ~35 USDAirport Express costs 150 NT - It stops at Taipei Main Train Station. Then you have to exit and transfer to a metro (for additional costs) You can buy a single fare journey, get an easy card (non-refundable 100 NT), or get a day or fun pass.  A ride is usually 15 NT for buses and 20 NT (or more) for Metros, so check which one you can save more.

Hotel?Roader's Hotel (map)Pretty convenient to get to Ximending (or around 10-12 minute walk to Taipei Main Train station)I like that they have "arcade games" in the reception area, free noodles, ramen, etc, They have washing machine and dryer - you can make reservationDownside - if you lose a key, you pay 200 NT for a lost key card.Room is pretty small too


Day 1:

Arrived after lunchRoamed around Ximending (night) marketTried Ay-chung Flour Rice NoodleChang Kai Shek MemorialShilin Market
Day 2 Day Tour of Klook to Jiufen, Yehliu, and ShifenRaohe Marke…

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