SXSW 2023

  SXSW Tips and Tricks: SXSW Express Pass  Make sure to go online exactly at 9 am the day before and request for Express Pass (max 2 per person per day). This gives you priority in the lines, and thus, shorter lines and first to get into the events. RSVP For some reason, some events actually need an RSVP and the RSVP might not be mentioned in the app or SXSW site.   E.g. Irish Breakfast Music Festival needed RSVP. It was good that the weather was too cold that they did not turn away folks. San Pellegrino in French Legation needed RSVP so you can get a Food Token. We almost miss out on a good Italian Pizza. Backpacks or Tote Bags You need clear bags or you can use the SXSW Tote Bags they give you during the registration SWAGS Check out various exhibits especially the main ones, they really have good Swags. I miss out on Amazon givinng out customized Jeans Jackets. But I was able to check out C4's and got free hoodie that you can customize yourself. The next day, they only had a hat

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Easy White Bread Ingredients 500g strong white flour, plus extra for dusting 2 tsp salt 7g sachet fast-action yeast 3 tbsp olive oil 300ml water Method STEP 1 Mix 500g strong white flour, 2 tsp salt and a 7g sachet of fast-action yeast in a large  bowl . STEP 2 Make a well in the centre, then add 3 tbsp olive oil and 300ml water, and mix well. If the dough seems a little stiff, add another 1-2 tbsp water and mix well. STEP 3 Tip onto a lightly floured work surface and knead for around 10 mins. STEP 4 Once the dough is satin-smooth, place it in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with cling film. Leave to rise for 1 hour until doubled in size or place in the fridge overnight. STEP 5 Line a  baking tray  with baking parchment. Knock back the dough (punch the air out and pull the dough in on itself) then gently mould the dough into a ball. STEP 6 Place it on the baking parchment to prove for a further hour until doubled in size. STEP 7 Heat oven to 220C

Little wonders: Paris’s loveliest small hotels, as recommended by FT readers

Original FT Article FT readers JULY 12 2021 This article is part of a g uide to Paris from FT Globetrotter Whether you’re visiting Paris for business or for pleasure, there’s a hotel to suit your style, interests and itinerary. From cool boutique hideaways to the ultra-luxe grandes dames, travellers here are spoiled for choice. But in a city set up to accommodate more than 30m tourists per year — with more than 2,000 hotels to choose from — narrowing down the list of options can be overwhelming. So we asked FT readers to share their favourite small but perfectly formed hotels in the French capital. Here are a few. The full Conti H ôtel Prince de Conti , a small hotel in the Latin Quarter close to the Seine, is within walking distance of the Louvre, Notre-Dame and other nearby sights. The rooms are distinct: each one is different, and there’s also a lovely interior courtyard. With very helpful staff, the hotel is quirky in the good sense. It offers a morning breakfast and a light select

Big Bear California

 We went during 4th of July 2021 (Summer).  It was pretty hot like 80 F. Scenic Skychair lift (round trip) costs around 29$ + tax for adults.  It's actually the same ski lift used during winter, but it's a long mile up to the top of the mountain. Once you get on top, there's a restaurant that you can get burgers etc but more importantly, they have trails to go around and has  great view of the lake and the mountains.  Mountain Sky Loop had view of the mountains while part of the Ski Ridge Trail had a view of the Lake so we did a short one going to the Ski Ridge Trail and went back to to the Mountain Sky loop to finish it.  We probably did around 3 miles or less. Food Tropicali Apparenlty, Ranked 15th Best Restaurant in America by YELP # 1 in Cali by USA Today ( yelp ).  This place is affordable but really good Hawaiian food.  It's a family owned business and the folks there are pretty cool and they spen

Red Flame Artesia

This is one of the many places that sever personal hotpots like Boiling point etc.  Price is 12.95 for all kind of hotpots.  They also have steaks and ramen unlike the other places.  Food is quite good but they don't have the sauces that I like for my hotpot.

Peter Schabarum Regional Park, Colima Rd, LA County

Parking: There is a parking fee of 7 dollars, otherwise, you can park outside or along the streets towards the park. A lot of picnic places and quite nice to walk around, and connects to the more hilly side of the park on the south side.