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Warwick Castle and Thomas Oken Tea Rooms

Link: Train: Warwick Station and takes 1.5 hours departing from London Marylebone Train station and costing 29 Pounds. Warwick Castle is an old castle restored by Madamme Tussaud's group of companies and now is part of the Merlin Annual Pass (so if you have one, this comes with it). Otherwise, it costs 24.60 for the castle ticket or 29.40 if it is with the Dungeon. Tip 1: Cheaper to book it online, otherwise, if you are taking the train, you can get the 2-for-1 Ticket . About the Castle Dungeon - cost around 9 Pounds if you buy it separately. It is prolly is around 30 to 45 minutes. If you've been to the London Dungeon, you can probably skip this as this is smaller and is kinda quite similar. Tip 2:  Take advantage of the various activities, so plan ahead.  The Ultimate Castle Tours, Trebuchet Fireball Spectacular, Bowman Show, and the Great Jousting. Tip 3: Walk around as they have even a small "area" where they keep the