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Helsinki, Finland

My general impression of Helsinki is that it feels not as modern nor grand as I expected it to be.  It has a bit of Eastern European feel and I was not really expecting it to be 'not' that progressive.  Personally a day is more than enough going to this place. Airport: Helsinki Vantaa Transportation: Bus 615: takes around 30 minutes and you reach the main train station. Tip: If you are doing a day trip, just get the 12 Euro ticket, it is good to go back and forth to the airport, and you can use in all the trams and buses in Helsinki.  Otherwise, one way costs around 5 Euros (as of April 2015). Where we stayed: We stayed in Hilton at the airport and the hotel was really comfortable and nice.   Places to Visit and Eat Hakaniemi  Market Square It's a fish and street covered market.  You can get fresh produce and 'ready to eat' meat.  They also have small coffee shops and food places you can eat. Nice Coffee shop in the covered market