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Korea Free Transit Tour

Website: If you have more than 4 hours layover or transit in Korea OR if you can try to "time" your transit so that you have reasonable amount of time in Korea, check out their free transit tours. It is again "FREE" and a good "taste" of what Korea can offer. A couple of things to note though before you join this tour: Do reserve spots for the tour.  I arrived 5.30 am and was planning to join the 8 am tour but unfortunately, both 8 and 9 am were already fully booked. Telephone : 82-32-741-3139, 3140 e-Mail : or check the site. You can join 2 tours as well if you have enough time - I ended up joining 10 - 3 pm (5 hour) and 3 - 6 pm (3 hour) tours.  Actually they do leave enough time to go back to the airport so you are usually back 20-30 minutes before the time allotment. Allow for at least 1 hour for immigration and checkpoint - 1 hour going out and 1 hour going