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Brighton and Beachy Head Cliffs (Eastbourne)

Nearest Train Station: Brighton How to get here: There are several ways from Victoria, Blackfriars, Clapham, and King's Cross.  The fast one is in Victoria station that passes by Gatwick and takes one hour (but is also the most expensive one which is 20 pounds return.  Otherwise, it takes 1.5 hours and may cost 10 pounds from King's Cross.  Another way is to go to Eastbourne and take the bus from there. How to go to Beach head?  Take Bus 13X which runs from Brighton to Eastbourne.   Note: It may only be an hourly frequency and the last bus is probably around 6.30.  You can buy the ticket directly from the Driver: 1 day ticket costs around 7 pounds and A family day ticket (max of 2 adults and 3 children) is around 9 pounds.   Tip: If you want cheaper, download the app from , download the app and buy the ticket there for 4.10 for one person and 7.80 for duo saver.  Gardner Street Lots of interesting Cafes and interesting things t