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Dover Castle and Into the Woods Movie

One interesting thing about UK is that it is an ideal place for film locations because of the beautiful castles, ruins, and all sorts.  And for this recent movie release on December 25, 2014, Dover Castle was one of the primary filming locations for  for "Into the Woods" (The Rapunzel scene is in Waverley Abbey). Nearest Rail Station: Dover Priory, and quite a bit of walk since it is uphill How to get here?  sdddYou can take a train from Victoria, London Bridge, and St. Pancras stations. The fast train is leaving from St. Pancras and takes around 1 hour while it may take 1.5 to 2 hours for slow trains. The Movie: Trailer and Screencaps Check out the "Into the Woods" Trailer Screen Caps of Dover Castle in the Backdrop Screen cap 1 Screen Cap 2: This at the other entrance and the "lion" status is not actually a Movie Prop! Screen Cap 3 Screen Cap 4 The actual Dover Castle Not currently in the screen cap but th