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Cafe Loki, Iceland

Website: Addresss:  Lokastigur 28 101 Reykjavik Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Feedback: It was nothing fantastic but for me, it was just that I just need to try something traditionally Icelandic and this was the best plac eto get it. This was the combination platter that we ordered Mashed potato with Fish Flakes Tasted like Potato Gratin with Fish flakes.. I Like it. Most of these can only be eaten during the Winter festival Soured Whale - errr.. doesn't taste anything but like jelly with vinegar Soured Ram's testicles - not sure how to describe this but something like very sour century egg yolk Fermented Shark meat - quite interesting and tasty.  Very hard to cut kind of fish meat. Herring - the usual and you can find this in other Scandinavian countries. Liver and Blood Budding Sheep Jelly - quite interesting and tasty  See the video below.. Icelandic Meat Soup Taste like diluted Meat Goulash (prolly can skip th