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Tozi Restaurant @ Victoria

Less than a 5-minute walk from Victoria Station is a hidden-gem called Tozi.  A bit inconspicuous, Tozi is actually well-liked by many of my colleagues and friends.   It is easy to find the restaurant as it is annexed to Park Plaza Victoria hotel. The food is Italian small plates, so kinda like Tapas-style.  We visited this on a Thursday and it was a bit packed.  Set menu was 40 pounds and had 7 courses plus desserts. Link: Address: 8 Gillingham St, London SW1V 1HJ Nearest Tube: Victoria Station (It is less than a 5-minute walk) When: July 2, 2015 The Set Menu Aperitifs Tasty bread served with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil Charcuterie - Nothing really fantastic. Burrata with tomatoes and Basil Haven't really tried Burrata but apparently it is Italian cheese made from Mozzarella and Cream.  Wasn't really that interesting nor the tomatoes that fresh for me.   Asparagus, quail eggs, and truffle salad

64 Degrees London

CLOSED -  Too Bad! Address: 52 Cambridge Street London Nearest Tube Station: Victoria Station or Pimlico Link: This restaurant serves 'small servings' (tapas-style) though it is not really that small.  They serve a good variety of food and it is really worth it.  There were 6 of us and we spend around 130 pounds all in all.  The Modern European Brighton flagship opens a branch in the capital as part of the Artist Residence hotel in Pimlico. The original 64 Degrees opened in Brighton in 2013 and caused quite a splash for its interesting dishes and chic feel. It’s attracted so much attention that a new London boutique hotel,  Artist Residence , has struck a deal to open this more spacious branch on their corner site in a mostly residential part of Pimlico. (read more from time out ) The Menu The beer and cider selection Bone Marrow, Rye Bread, and Mushrooms Really 'unhealthy' and oily food

Kazan @ Wilton Road

Nearest Tube Station: Victoria Station Address: 93 Wilton Road, London Link: A Turkish restaurant near Victoria Station, which is quite popular.  This is really good and very affordable. There's another Kazan (called Kazan Kitchen), just right across the road (which is the sister restaurant), but the Kazan Restaurant food still taste better. We had the Set Lunch Menu which only costs around 12.99 Pounds for a 2-course menu and 14.99 for 3-course menu. Appetizer: Mixed Mezze Selection I don't normally like Falafel but this one was tasty, soft in the inside, crispy on the outside.  The Hellimli Borek (Triangular Shape) tasted good too.  Actually everything tasted really good :) Kofte Selection A mixture of lamb and chicken koftes with salad and rice. All I can say is it was good!