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Mazzat Bistro, San Bruno

Website: Rating: 4 out of 5 star Address: 851 Cherry Ave San Bruno, CA 94066 Feedback: Babaghanouge was kinda smoky and not as good as others Hummus - quite good Combo Kebab - tasty chicken and Lamb Kefta August 17: Tried Hummus, Babaghanouge, and Combo Kebab: Shish Tawook (Chicken) and Lamb Kefta

Sweeney Ridge and Mori Point (San Bruno Hiking Trail)

Website: Sweeney Ridge and Mori Point Location: Sweeney Ridget Park Entrance, Sneath Lane, San Bruno, California, 94066, California Feedback: We found this website for the hiking trails and followed a hiking trail at Sweeney Ridge and Mori Point You need to cross the highway to go the the Mori Point from the Sweeney Ridge Trail There is an orchid garden at the end of the Sweeney Ridge which was quite pretty and nice to go to. You get to see the Old Nike Missile Site SF-51 functioning in the 1950s but abandoned in 1974.  At the end of Mori Point trail, you can end up in Pacifica and get food from Nick's and Breakies - they seem to be very popular. Nick's is a bit pricy (and I wasn't really happy with the food). Most locals seem to prefer Breakies as it is the cheaper option. Sweeney Ridge Sweeney Ridge  was an interesting trail as you get to go to Nike Missile Point.  It was also just concrete trail and there was a proper road so don't expect a real hik


Website: Location: 422 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, CA, 94066 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star Feedback: I got so excited and I ordered the Bilao #1 (58 bucks).  It was generally alll deep fried - Chicken, Dried Fish (Jeprox), Milk Fish, Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicharon, Prawn Crackers, and the only veggie is Lady Fingers , Mango and Tomato. It was good though but they also have some Sulit ala-carte which seems to better choices. Next Time: Try the Shrimp cooked with Crab Fat (Taba ng Talangka) Bilao Sulit #1

Tastebuds @San Bruno, California

Website: Address:   582 San Bruno Ave W, San Bruno, CA 94066 Near: San Bruno Caltrain Dish: Filipino Rating: 4 out 5 star Feedback: Quite a good Filipino restaurant which has a good options.  The only thing is that I did not enjoy their sisig - it is more of a chopped grilled pork, rather than real sisig. Lechon - they have an actual roast pig but they serve them evenings, after 5 on weekdays and after 10 AM on weekends.  They cost like 14.95 per pound. Buffer - they serve buffet during the weekends and was not bad for 14.99 per person/adults and 9.99 for kids (4-10 years). The only thing is that they don't really have good drinks - they had coffee and iced tea They had bilo bilo, champorado, arroz caldo, and sinigang which was good Too much of pork dishes if I must say - sinigang was pork sinigang, lechon paksiw, lechon dinakdakan, pork spareribs adobo etc. It was a good spread though with plenty of options, but not much for dessert