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Spring @ Regent's Park and Primrose Hill

The Sun is out and spring is here... flowers are starting to bloom.. and one of the quaint and nice places to visit in London are the Regent's Park and Primrose Hill.  With Cherry Blossoms tree everywhere and some of the nicest flowers.. this is definitely a good place to walk around on a sunny spring day. The Avenue Gardens along the Boardwalk The Boating Lake area of Regent's Park with the Gazebo Queen Mary's Garden And when Spring starts.... there are more activities like the London Easter 10K Run The Camden Canal on the way to Regent's Park (near the London Zoo) St. Mark's Square just right near the Canal Primrose Hill with a view of London's Skyline my favorite coffee shop called the Little One .... They have my favorite Brazilian Cheese Balls and great Crepes! Along Regent's Park Road (end of the Road is the Primrose Hill)

Greenberry Cafe - Primrose Hill

A small but seems to be always packed cafe in a quaint posh neighborhood in Primrose hill. Review of the Food: I don't think the Food is that great but I guess it is more of the ambiance that people go there especially after strolling around Primrose Hill  The servings are a bit small, considering it's around 6 - 8 pounds  Basic Information: Website Phone Number: 0207 483 3765 Location: 101 Regent's Park Road, Primrose Hill, London My Restaurant Score:  3 out of 5